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Kitchen Pro Culinary Set

Tupperware UltraPro is made of highly durable polymer that can withstand temperature ranging from -25C to +250C. You can use it to store leftovers in the fridge/freezer, and then take it out to heat in the oven and even the microwave! It also offers versatility in cooking and baking. For example, through tandem cooking, you reduce the time required to roast and brown a chicken by half.    


UltraPro Loafpan 1.8L

Pure Silicon Spatula

Midget (4) 60ml + Midget (4) 

403036 Gift Box


Tupperware Treasure Box

A truly value-for-money collection. Let this be the first taste of your Tupperware's signature solutions, ranging from Fridge, Freezer, Dry Storage, On-The-Go and Cleaning to keep your home in order.


Fridge Water Bottle (1) 2.0L 

Snowflakes Square Rounds (4) 400ml

FreezerMate Small II (2) 650ml 

FreezerMate Medium II (1) 1.5L 

Eco Bottle (1) 1L 

Eco Bottle 500ml (2) 

One Touch Topper Junior (1) 600ml

One Touch Topper Small (1) 950ml

Modular Mates Starter Set 

800ML TupperClean Dish Concentrate


Nano Nature Water Solution Set

Get mineral-rich (Bakuhan Rocks) water straight from the tap with Tupperware Nano Nature Water Solution Set. Powered purely on battery, it saves electricity yet offers one of the highest flow-rate in the market. If you are a new consultant, capitalise on this offer as you won't get this anywhere else!  


Nano Nature Water Filtration System

Fridge Water Bottle (2) 2.0L

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