Tupperware has stood the test of time over the last 70 years, creating food-safe and quality products for people of all ages. It is a brand people associate with keeping food fresh, and now your water too.

No electricity required. No more trouble trying to find an electric point near your kitchen sink. Simply turn on the tap for high quality drinking water

At less than 20cm wide, Nano Nature Water Filter doesn't occupy much space, making it perfect for those living in smaller areas.

High Flow Rate


Nano Nature 15-point Advantage

Make the right choice and have peace of mind.  

Great Value!

Spare Parts

Easy to Replace

At 2 nm wide, the nano alumina fiber filter traps even the minutest of sediments, removing 99.99% bacteria and viruses, so you get the purest in every sip.

The battery-powered LED lights up when it’s time to replace the filter or Bakuhan tank. No need for reminders!

Removes 99.99%

Water flows through the Bakuhan, which is blessed with beneficial minerals certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health for its therapeutic properties.


The pH level of water is also raised at through the 3-stage naturalisation process, which helps balance the acidity in the body for better health.

Increase pH Level

Unlike others in the market, replacing the Nano Nature Water Filter Cartridge is very easy! Watch how simple it is above.

Smart LED

No maintenance required. Simply replace the filter and Bakuhan Enhancement Tank when prompted by the Smart LED panel.

Zero Maintainance

While many claim to be effective, Tupperware's NNWF is one of the few that is independently tested and certified to remove over 50 contaminants! 

Global Certification

Every Nano Nature Water Filtration System comes with various adaptors, so you can easily install it without engaging a pumbler. 

Small Footprint

Easy to Install


Famous for our lifetime warranty, the NNWF has a warranty period of 1 year commencing from the date of purchase from Tupperware Brands.

Famous Warranty

When you take the 15 strong advantages into consideration, Tupperware’s Nano Nature Water Filter simply comes out on top! Plus, check out our exciting offer below.

High flow-rate at 3.5L per minute. Works even with water pressure as low as 20psi! (Normal water pressure is about 40psi)

While other brands keep changing models, we get it right from the start, selling this award-winning solution for 7 years running, so you won't have to worry about obsolete parts and support.